Setup Guide


1. We've updated the mounting system for easier setup. The new pins (replacing the monkey hooks) are simpler to install on various types of ceilings and combined with the included white poster tack they stay firmly in place and leave virtually no marks once removed.

2. The cardboard insert card with pictures (found in the box with the wall unit) is outdated. While some of these instructions still apply to setting up the wall mounted unit for VR WIRE II, the attachment point of the silicone strap on the VR cable no longer applies and the D ring has been replaced by this silicone strap. Please disregard the instructions and use this page as the setup guide.

Helpful Adjustments Tips


Silicone Cable Guide

Comes with 3M adhesive foam backing on the silicone guide. Instructions: Clean the area with rubbing alcohol. Press firmly and hold for 20 seconds. If the cable guide comes off, there is a spare double sided clear adhesive square included, this adhesive works better on the Valve Index than the adhesive on the cable guide itself.  

For PSVR2 if you feel the VR cable hitting the top of your head when facing away from the TV, you can use 2 silicone cable guides to route the VR cable to the front of the headset. See the photo below. 

Silicone Cable Guide on PSVR2 headset


Adjustable Tension Pulleys

* The 3x10 Low Ceiling/Deep Play-Space version comes with 2 pulleys. The pulleys can be joined together using velcro, this setup increases tension and lifts the VR cable closer to the ceiling.

* We recommend using the double pulley setup in most cases, especially with ceilings under 8ft.

 How to set up the pulleys, video here


* The guide wires can be trimmed with a good pair of wire cutters.

The guide wires are semi-elastic, so stretching the wires up to 6" between the pins prevents sagging and keeps the VR cable higher over your head.  

* Clean the wall with isopropyl alcohol and a microfibre towel before using the included command strips, press and hold the bracket against the wall for 20 seconds.

* The ideal setup should have your PC at the front of your play space. The main retracting unit is placed above your PC, as high on the wall as possible. Tip: Don't install the mounting bracket right under the ceiling, otherwise you will not be able to slide the unit on to the bracket.

The main retractor can also be mounted on the ceiling, in which case please make sure that the bracket is mounted facing in the opposite direction of the pull direction, so that the retractor doesn't slide out.  

* Prevent your VR cable from swinging over your desk and keep it out of the way when you reach the front of your play space by using the additional coiled lanyard to hold the VR cable as shown in the picture at the bottom of this page.

* You can mount your link box to the wall using the included extra command strip. These velcro command strips work even better for this purpose.

* You should have at least 12" of clearance between the top of your head and your ceiling (or the bottom of your fan if you are trying to get the VR cable to pass under the fan) to be able to use VR WIRE II to its full potential. If your ceilings are lower, you would be hitting the ceiling with your controllers as well as the VR cable above your head.

* If you only have 6"-12" of clearance between the top of your head and the ceiling, you will need to install 3 guide wires about 40" apart to keep the VR cable closer to the ceiling and higher above your head.

The low ceiling Option B includes an extra guide wire, additional parts for mounting and a set of pulley wheels.

* The first guide wire should be installed 4.0 to 5.0 ft from the wall mounted unit above your PC. Make sure that the wall mounted unit is centered and facing the wires. It's also possible to install it on the ceiling. The second guide wire should be installed about 5.0 to 6.0 ft back from the first one. The optimal spacing between the two wires is 5.5 ft. 

* If you have high ceilings, you can make the dynamic retractor easier to reach by adjusting the small screw using an Allen wrench (not included) under the silicone covered adjustment located on the string. You should also use the additional coiled lanyard on the middle guide wire. This lanyard is intended for making the VR cable go under ceiling fans, but it also makes it easier to set up if you have high ceilings. 

* You don't need to use the coiled lanyard on the middle guide wire if you don't have a ceiling fan and if you can reach the guide wires comfortably.

* The guide wires are stiff, so you can hold them about a foot from the end, making it much easier to hook the guide wires on to the ceiling without needing a chair. 

* If you have an issue with screwing a hook into the end of a guide wire because the hole is blocked, cut that end off with a pair of wire cutters. 

* The velcro strap should be wrapped relatively tight around your cable, but not so tight that you can't make the necessary adjustments shown in the video. 

* Please see our FAQ's for additional information, or email us if you need help with setting up the system, we are always here to help!