About Us

Lord of Leisure is a small startup based in Fairfax, Virginia. We are focused on developing unique and simple to use products. Creativity is our driving force and it pushes us forward every day!

How the idea for VR WIRE was born

As true VR enthusiasts, we love playing games hooked up to our PC, but the cable was such a drag! When we started looking for a good VR cable management system, there were a few options out there. Unfortunately, all of them used retractable badges hanging from hooks glued to the ceiling. We did not want to ruin our ceiling and have a spider web of retractors hanging above our heads. We wanted something that would be easily installed and easily removed when we finished playing. After more than a year of testing different concepts, we came up with VR WIRE. We believe it is the best VR cable management system currently available, and are confident it will improve your VR gaming experience!