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Lord of Leisure VR is a small business based in Virginia, United States. We are a husband and wife team! Our goal is to bring the best wired VR experience to all VR enthusiasts!


VR WIRE team


How the idea for VR WIRE was born.

As true VR enthusiasts, we love playing games hooked up to our PC, but after trying the Oculus Quest, we had a difficult time escaping the dark side and going back to a wired headset.

So we started looking for a good VR cable management system. There were a few options out there, but unfortunately, all of them used retractable badges hanging from hooks glued to the ceiling. We did not want to ruin our ceiling and have a spider web of pulleys hanging above our heads. We wanted something that would be easily installed and also easily removed once we finished playing. 

We also wanted the system to be simple, feel wireless with no cable tug, and not cause damage to the VR cable from making 360 turns while we play. For a while, these problems seemed impossible to solve.

After more than a year of testing different concepts, we came up with VR WIRE V1. It was a basic solution that worked well for many people who wanted basic VR cable management without the spider web of pulleys on their ceiling.

However, as true VR enthusiasts, we knew that VR WIRE V1 had too many limitations. So we spent another 6 months perfecting every single detail of the VR WIRE system. The result was VR WIRE II. It is the best VR cable management system currently available, hands down.

If you want to learn more about Jack, the inventor of VR WIRE, you can watch his 5 minute pitch on MRTV here: