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vr wire II positive customer review
vr wire II customer review vr wire II customer review
vr wire II customer review
vr wire II customer review
vr wire II customer review vr wire II customer review

The Ultimate VR Cable Management Pulley System

Step into a world of seamless, immersive VR where every move feels effortless and the only thing you'll notice is the thrill of play.


No cable tug. With a traditional static VR cable management system, multiple retractors are mounted in the center of your play space. The farther you move from the center, the more cable tug you begin to experience as the tension in the retractors increases. With VR WIRE II, a single dynamic retractor follows you across your play area. Additionally, the retractor is engaged through a rotating pulley wheel. This allows the VR cable to glide freely, removing direct pull and eliminating cable tug. 

Effortless 360° turns. With a traditional static system, as you move farther away from the center where the retractors are mounted, the angle of the cable makes it more difficult to turn around, especially with low ceilings. Because the dynamic retractor stays above your head as you move across your play space, it allows for  360° turns even in the most remote corners of your play space. 

Reduce potential cable damage from twisting. With a standard cable management system, the last retractor is attached directly to the cable, about a foot from the VR headset. Repeated turns in one direction puts stress on this short section of the cable, which over time can lead to damage. With VR WIRE II, the cable moves freely through the pulley wheels, which helps distribute the effect of twisting over a longer length of the VR cable. Although it doesn't completely solve the problem, this extra freedom of movement helps reduce the potential damage to your VR cable from twisting.

Works under small ceiling fans and light fixtures. The guide wires are spaced 5'-6' feet apart and can be placed on each side of a ceiling fan. The VR cable is able to pass underneath the ceiling fan. However, fans must be turned off. 

Please refer to our selection guide.

Yes! The guide wires can be trimmed with a good pair of wire cutters

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