VR Room Setup

When setting up the play area for your VR headset, the front of the virtual play area must face away from your PC on the opposite side of the room where you mount VR WIRE (which is above your PC), otherwise you will not have a great experience using VR WIRE.

The default settings for Oculus and WMR headsets usually have you face your PC/monitor when marking your VR play area, which needs to be changed. The HTC Vive and the Valve Index already default to a play area facing away from the PC.

There are several advantages to having the front of your play area facing away from the PC.

  1. When the front of your play area is facing away from the PC, the cable is behind you and it will not get in the way.
  2. If you are facing away from the PC, you are less likely to accidentally punch your monitor.

The process of setting up your play area varies from headset to headset.

Oculus Rift/Quest

During the touch setup, you will be asked to hold the controller at eye level and then point toward the front of your play area. At this point you should turn away from your PC before pressing the trigger to declare that direction to be the front of your play area. Once your play area is setup to face away from the PC, the action in your games will now take place on the opposite side of the room. You can now attach VR WIRE to the wall above you PC where the cable is plugged in.

Quest users who want to use VR WIRE with the Link cable should run the Link cable around the headset and attach it with a Velcro strap in the back of the headset, this puts less strain on the USB C connector and you will feel less tug when you move around. Additionally, because the link cable is especially light you will feel a little more tug from the retractor, since the retractor was designed to accommodate heavier cables like HTC Vive three-piece cable. Since the cable is fiberoptic, we highly recommend getting one of these cable protector sleeves, it will help balance the weight of the cable and protect it from twisting. (Search Amazon: B07FW86XV6, the 1/4 works great with the Link cable.)

HTC Vive & Valve Index

During the room scale setup process, you will be prompted to locate your monitor and point at it with your controller, (it is better to point at your PC because that’s where the cable comes from), this determines the default direction you will face when playing games by setting your starting position on the opposite side of your PC. If your previous setup was facing the PC, you should be able to flip the setup in the options menu 180 degrees to face away from the PC.  

Note: Valve Index has a delicate connector where the cable attaches to the headset. It is recommended that you use electrical tape or Velcro straps to secure the cable to around the plastic clip that holds the cable on the headset to prevent damaging the cable.

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

You will need to disregard all instruction detailed on the screen and follow these instructions. When setting up a WMR boundary, prior to hitting the trace button you must be standing on the opposite side the room across from your PC/Desk/VR WIRE. The front of the VR headset with the cameras, should be facing away from the computer while you walk around the room to trace the room boundary. You may need to use a Bluetooth mouse or set your headset down in order to hit the trace button.