VR Tracker Belt and Straps for use with HTC Vive Tracker Pucks

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  • Adjustable waist belt and straps for use with HTC Vive tracker pucks used for full body tracking in virtual reality. (HTC VIVE tracker pucks NOT included)
  • HTC Vive tracker pucks are attached to the belt and straps using the 1/4"-20 thread and the belt and straps are attached to your waist, hands, or feet.
  • The contact surface is made of an embossed elastic polymer, which improves the stability of the tracker by increasing the friction between the strap and the tracker.
  • Crafted to resist wear and tear during long VR sessions.
                Set includes:
                Belt (1) - adjustable (29" - 47")
                Straps (2) - adjustable  (6.5" - 12.5")